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Fairmount Christian Church
Church Executive
Position Description

Purpose of Fairmount Christian Church:

To develop followers of Jesus who love God, love people, and introduce the world to Christ.

Purpose of the Church Executive:

To increase the effectiveness of Fairmount Christian Church in accomplishing its mission by coordinating the ministries and programs of the church. The Church Executive facilitates and implements the vision and mission of the church, under the guidance of the Senior Minister.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Strategic Plan
    1. Oversee the implementation of the church’s strategic plan.
    2. Develop regular evaluation and communication of strategic plan.
    3. Monitor all ministry efforts in regards to strategic plan effectiveness.
    4. Develop team leaders within areas of ministry, and drawing these areas into a coherent and united effort.
    5. Instill the church’s mission and vision throughout the ministries and programs of the church.
    6. Ensure that both staff-led and volunteer-directed ministries are coordinated, organized, efficient, and fulfilling the vision intended.
    7. Communicate with the Senior Minister and staff to create smooth and efficient ministry wherever possible.
  2. Financial Stewardship
    1. Oversee the financial resources of the church and subsequently assume responsibility to manage and communicate annual, as well as daily, budgetary projection and control.
    2. Serve as the catalyst for budget planning, long-range financial planning, and stewardship emphases.
    3. Ensure that purchasing and contracting are conducted according to proper guidelines.
  3. Campus Management
    1. Provide supervision and leadership for the Facilities Manager, Technology Director, and associated teams.
    2. Oversee the purchase, operation, enhancement, inventory, insurance, and effective utilization of all church equipment and properties.
    3. Project long-range needs for campus enhancement and maintenance.
    4. Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local ordinances.
    5. Monitor the implementation of church security measures.
  4. Human Resources
    1. Provide oversight, evaluation, and supervision to staff.
    2. Oversee the selection, training, appraisal, and termination of church employees.
    3. Develop and implement personnel records, policies, and procedures.
    4. Ensure compliance with all federal and state personnel and payroll guidelines.
    5. Help each area create and implement goals, followed by supervision and revision of same.
  5. Public Relations and Communications
    1. Serve as the representative of the church to media, government, and other outside parties.
    2. Provide oversight of church media - printed and online.
  6. Senior Minister
    1. Facilitate the ministry of the Senior Minister
    2. Represent the Senior Minister when appropriate.
    3. Work closely with the Senior Minister on issues related to vision and strategic plan development.
    4. Help the Senior Minister focus on his primary roles of preaching, teaching, and leading by assuming positions of leadership and direction which might otherwise fall to the Senior Minister.
    5. Lead in various projects and programs and ministries which push the mission forward, as assigned by the Senior Minister.

Key principles for ministry at Fairmount:

The Church Executive should be a person who is committed to …

  1. Excellence. We do all things as unto the Lord, and believe God deserves our best efforts. Also, because we exist to make disciples, we are eager to do things with excellence. We believe the Lord is most honored when we strive to do the best we can in all things.
  2. Ministry of all believers. Believing God has gifted every believer for ministry, we actively seek to discover and unleash those gifts in practical ways wherever possible. The Church Executive position exists not only to accomplish work in a specific area of need, but also to provide avenues for meaningful ministry to others whenever possible.

Personal Attributes:

The Church Executive should be a person who is …

  1. Spiritually and emotionally mature. This person needs to be a growing Christian who is strong and stable, with a supportive home life. This is a position for a strong person.
  2. Trustworthy. Part of maturity is keeping confidences and protecting the witness and integrity of the church. Loyalty to the Senior Minister, other staff and leaders, and to Fairmount Christian Church is essential. This is a position of great responsibility.
  3. A leader. This position calls for strong, positive leadership, and the ability to act decisively. A leader is one who has earned a position in which others gladly, willingly, and trustingly follow. It is crucial to the success of our ministry that the Church Executive lead, in harmony with the Senior Minister, with purpose and passion. This is a leadership position.
  4. Goal oriented. This person must be able to make steady progress on long-term goals while simultaneously handling various short-term concerns. Must be able to see the “big picture” and yet implement at a “detail level.” This is a focused position.
  5. Both task-driven and people-oriented. While accomplishing many tasks, it is essential that a commitment to caring about people remain at the center of this person’s values. Anything less runs counter to our purpose and mission as a church. This is a multi-tasking position.
  6. A servant with a positive attitude. Attitude is everything, and this person will see this position as a ministry of service to others. More important than specific skills or ability is the heart for ministry. It requires the Christ-like posture of helpfulness and service, while at the same time maintaining careful stewardship of time and the church’s resources. This is a ministry position.
  7. Responsive to oversight. This person must be able to implement plans and respond to directives from the Senior Minister and the Elder team.
  8. Skilled in relationships. The effectiveness of the position hinges on the ability to relate well in many different personal relationships. The Church Executive is able to say the tough things while maintaining Christian relationships. This is a people-position.
  9. A Team player. As a staff we support and encourage one another. We yield our own “turf” when necessary to promote the overall good and success of the church’s mission. All ministry areas work together. This is a team position.

Personal Abilities and Competencies:

The Church Executive should possess ability as …

  1. Organizer: Skills with assembling needs, tasks, and projects according to priorities and efficiently managing time and resources of self and the entire church
  2. Motivator: Skills with moving individuals and a group of people toward a common goal with everyone on board.
  3. Team Builder: Skills in building a spirit of harmony, participation, and oneness are crucial. Recognizing and maximizing the gifts different team members bring is necessary.
  4. Manager: Skills in finance, budget, and resource management. The church’s many resources need to be utilized in such a way that we are consistently practicing Biblical stewardship of all that God has given us.
  5. Overseer of personnel: Skills of supervision, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of staff, and expertise with hiring and release of employees, as well as management and oversight of people and projects are all required. The ability to evaluate performance with insight and motivate toward success is also necessary.
  6. Communicator: Polished skills in both written and verbal means of communication are needed.
  7. Change Agent. Implementation of a vision always requires leadership which is able to move a group toward a goal. Because we have a mission of making disciples, all staff must possess skill in smoothly and sensitively making changes in order to fulfill our mission. While honoring our rich history, creativity and innovation are important traits of an agent of change.
  8. Jack of all Trades: This person will be called upon to assist and lead in a multitude of ways.

Relationships of Support and Accountability:

  1. The Church Executive should be a member of Fairmount, active in worship and in Bible study with the church family.
  2. The Church Executive will work closely with and under the supervision of the Senior Minister. It is expected that there will be regular meetings and open communication to facilitate a harmonious working relationship. Because in many ways the Church Executive is the “right arm” of the Senior Minister, their close, trusted, and frequent communication is essential.
  3. The Church Executive will participate as a key member of the Staff Leadership Team, providing overarching leadership and direction to the staff and the church. The Leadership Team will thrive on a team model, and will be composed of all department leaders and others deemed essential. This Leadership Team becomes the primary focus of staff decision making.
  4. The Church Executive in consultation with the Senior Minister will arrange how best to facilitate and lead the Ministerial Staff. This group provides a sense of community and accountability. In addition to regular staff meetings there will be periodic retreats and planning periods to promote coordination and mutual support.
  5. The Senior Minister, in coordination with the Personnel Team of the Elders, will be responsible for review and evaluation of the Church Executive, to be conducted formally at least annually.
  6. The Church Executive will be called upon to participate in Elders meetings. A regular (monthly) report to the Elders will be given, the nature of which will be determined by the Senior Minister in view of the church’s governance model.
  7. Administrative assistance will be provided for the Church Executive.