christmas wreath

Sunday December 16th

Third Sunday of Advent

Journey to Jesus - From 9:30am-Noon, elementary students will celebrate Jesus’ birthday as they journey through His life. K-5th Grade will journey from 9am-Noon so make plans to stay for the entire morning to visit every stop on the journey! Preschoolers will Journey to Jesus during the 9:30 hour. Don’t miss this fun way to celebrate Christmas!

Worship Choir Christmas Musical - 6pm, Sanctuary ~ How Should a King Come? The angel's message was clear, a Savior had been born! And this, they said, is how we will know Him. We will find Him wrapped in cloths, lying in a manger. The Messiah born - in a manger! The coming King in a cattle stall! Yes, the truth of it resonated; tonight the commonplace would rest with the miraculous. A dimly lit stable housed an infant King, a helpless Baby with the lineage of a Lion. This King was like no other king to ever rule the earth. But the great mystery before us? What kind of King and how would this King come? Soloists – Carolyn Atkinson, Kenny Holley, Rhonda Holley, Robin Ransom, Janice Smither, Janie Thomas; Narrators - Frank & Beth Saunders.

Sunday, December 23rd

Fourth Sunday of Advent

A Quiet Winter’s Night - 6pm, Worship Center ~ A relaxing and enjoyable evening of live Christmas music. (Approx. 2 hrs. long.)

Monday, December 24th

Lighting of the Final Advent Candle

Church Office Closed

Christmas Eve Service - 4pm, Worship Center ~ The Friends Bible School class invites you to remember the birth of Christ and what it means to the world. This is a great time to celebrate with the Fairmount Family before heading off to other places.

wintersnightYou and your friends are invited to join us for “A Quiet Winter’s Night” Sunday, December 23rd, at 6pm. It’s a time to come in from the cold and decompress for a while during the hectic Holiday Season and enjoy all-live Christmas music performed by some of your favorite musicians here at Fairmount. There will be many songs that you know and love, and some new ones that we think you’ll enjoy too. We’re happy to be back this year to make music for you. So, we ask you to come, relax, listen, fellowship with friends and family, and simply enjoy “A Quiet Winter’s Night.”