At our Annual Meeting on July 11th, the 2018 Fiscal Year Budget (9/1/17 - 8/31/18) passed with 98% of the 192 ballots voted. Elders and Deacons put before the church family go through a 30-day affirmation period, which began the night of the meeting. If anyone has a Biblical reason why any one of the men listed below should not serve in their recommended role, they should make that known in writing, signed, and forwarded to the Elders. Any issue brought forth will be discussed and researched, with the appropriate action taken. Those men put forward are: Elders: Randy Allard, Jim Bland, Chip Capehart, Chuck Stiff; Deacons: Paul Acors, Lynn Barden, Bobby Carter, Jake Davis, Stewart Giovannetti, Barry Griffin, Jerry Hall, Kenny Holley, Geoff Johnson, Chris Mayton, Scott Mullins, Kevin Patterson, Mike Peace, Gary Retone, Sonny Stevens Sr., Ken Tanner, Eric Taylor, Glenn Thacker, and Zach Walker. Please be in prayer for these men as they take on the awesome task of church service and leadership.