Jesus, the Guy Who Revolutionized Life for Women is a series is designed to lead up to the messages you'll hear at "In Christ, Of Christ," the Women's Ministry's 2013 retreat. This 7-week series features writers from Fairmount and beyond--please join us each week.

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Week 2: Hope Amidst Our Suffering

by Lindsey Bridges

I didn’t want to experience infertility (and I definitely didn’t choose it), but God chose for that suffering to be a part of my journey–3 difficult years of emotional pain, grieving, and questioning the Lord. Why couldn't I have children when it’s all I had ever dreamed of?


Multiple surgeries, doctors visits, medications, treatments, and lots of prayer – yet we sat with empty arms. It challenged my faith, our marriage, my relationships and emotions.  With each month, I grieved yet another month I wasn’t pregnant, endured another friend’s pregnancy announcement, and navigated another flood of emotions. I was at my lowest and at my weakest.


Hanging by our last emotional string, we went for an in vitro consultation. Everything in me wanted to be hopeful and optimistic, but the reality of our unsuccessful past haunted me.  But instead of moving forward with “an IVF plan”, the doctor shared that I had a fast growing ovarian tumor that needed to be removed immediately.


We were in shock. Suddenly the struggle to have kids seemed so small next to the prognosis of cancer. Gratefully, the cancer was all removed after a series of surgeries, multi-day hospital stays and check-ups. The following summer I found myself naturally pregnant–no meds and with one ovary. Putting things in perspective, we realized that if it weren’t for the infertility journey, we might not have found the cancer in time (if at all).


It took a while to be thankful for the painful journey, but hindsight is 20/20 and I can now clearly see the hope that was beyond the other side of my suffering. It’s not so easy during those valleys; however, Christ knows our suffering and suffered much more on our behalf to bring us the hope of a new life.


This is revolutionary and has changed our lives as believers. We do have hope amidst our suffering – and we have Christ to thank for that.


Scripture references: Romans 5:3-5; 2 Corinthians 12:9

Lindsey Bridges serves as Director of Communications at The Malphurs Group (a church consulting firm) and a Leadership and Marriage Coach – walking with women through infertility, career goals, and ministry challenges.Lindsey and Brad have been married almost 10 years, have a 3 year old daughter, and are awaiting the birth of their first son.