What determines your identity? WHO determines your identity? Are we each just complex mixtures of biological and environmental influences … or are we something more? Scripture tells us that we are unique, spiritual beings – created in the image of God Himself; given breath by God Himself. Without a doubt, though, many in the world are convinced that their identity is wrapped up in impersonal genetics and personal choices. This is a perfect example of real and serious “Identity Theft”.

As we begin 2016, our first sermon series of the new year is going to focus on our genuine identity – who we are as highly valued and deeply loved children of God. With an overarching preaching theme of “Under Construction” in 2016, as a church family we are going to look at the foundation of human identity. Who we are. Who God made us to be. With that foundation laid, we will be able to more firmly stand on solid, Biblical ground as we build our lives, our families, our church, and God’s Kingdom.

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Child of God Rick Raines 2016-01-10
Servant Rick Raines 2016-01-17
Disciple Rick Raines 2016-01-31
Ambassador Chris Santasiere 2016-02-07