Psalms is one of the richest and most reflective books in the entire Bible. 150 songs and poems penned by as diverse individuals as David, Moses, and Solomon. Like all poetry, language is used to express everything from heart-wrenching anguish to soul-inspiring joy. Part of the richness of Psalms is the theological insights that are found in every line. Much can be learned about the God of the universe just by reading this beautiful book of poetry.

Beginning on July 31, the Fairmount family is going to do a wide overview of Psalms’ theological implications, but do so in a unique way … by looking at the names that are given for God. In “Hello My Name Is God” we will discover a number of ways that the writers refer to the Lord of all creation. Enjoy this theological journey with us. Through learning a variety of these names, each of us will develop an even deeper appreciation for our heavenly Father.

This will be a six-week series. So why don’t you make it your goal to read 25 Psalms a week? You will uncover quite a bit on your own. It is our hope that our prayer lives, our devotional lives, and our personal interactions with God will be expanded and enriched.

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
LORD Rick Raines 2016-07-31
Shepherd Rick Raines 2016-08-07
Light Rick Raines 2016-08-14
Maker Rick Raines 2016-08-21
Rock Mike Langley 2016-08-28
King Rick Raines 2016-09-04