What a unique privilege it is for Fairmount to be part of a Central Virginia-wide effort to reach unchurched and unsaved people with the eternal message of Scripture. “Explore God” is going to be a life-changing journey for many folks of all ages from across our community. In addition to discussion groups that are popping up in restaurants, coffee shops, and community centers, churches across the region will be sharing in the preaching portion of “Explore God”.

On seven consecutive Sundays, beginning on September 11, Fairmount’s preaching staff will be answering the “7 Big Questions” – questions most commonly asked by folks seeking answers to matters of faith. These questions will range from “Does life have a purpose?” to “Why does God allow pain and suffering?” to “Is the Bible reliable?” It is going to be an exciting challenge.

The Fairmount family will undoubtedly welcome several – if not many – guests who are coming to explore God with us. That is the primary goal. But an equally valuable goal is the exposure for each of us to these seven questions – questions each of us may be asked any day by a family member, friend, or co-worker.

Join me – right now – in praying for this endeavor. It WILL change someone’s life and, more importantly, their eternity. Encourage folks to check out ExploreGod.com and to consider a discussion group. Invite folks to come to Sunday services with you. Be prepared to learn as each of us … Explores God!

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