Solomon proclaims in Psalm 127, “Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” What a poignant proclamation for such a time as this in the life of the Fairmount Christian Church. For over a year, our latest facility expansion has dominated the terrain and the conversation here on campus. Fairmount’s leadership – and hopefully every person that worships here – knows, though, that God is building something much bigger than a building – He is building a church.

As we prepare for the Grand Opening of our new Worship Center, we want to focus on the building blocks that God uses to construct a church that has maximum impact on the community and on the world. Bob Russell, retired minister of the Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, published a book in 2000 by the title, “When God Builds a Church”. During his time at Southeast, the church grew to over 20,000 people in worship services each week. The building blocks that Bob outlines in his book are Biblical and timeless.

Our late fall sermon series, “When God Builds a Church”, is going to explore these important values – values that will make Fairmount much more than a building. If implemented, these values will continue to form Fairmount into a family that reaches the lost, blesses the believer, and honors Christ – a family that accomplishes its Biblical mission of “loving God and loving people”. As we prepare to open our doors even wider to the community, plan to be here each week of this series as we focus intently on how to be the Church that Jesus wants us to be.

Bob Russell, author of "When God Builds a Church," spoke at our December 4th services. You can listen to his sermon in the link below, or watch on YouTube.

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Worship Rick Raines 2016-10-30
Leadership Rick Raines 2016-11-06
Excellence Rick Raines 2016-11-13
Faith Rick Raines 2016-11-20
Harmony Mike Langley 2016-11-27
Why I Love the Church Bob Russell 2016-12-04
Evangelism Rick Raines 2016-12-11