Dorothy Gale is famous for clicking her ruby slippers together and repeating the phrase, “There’s no place like home … there’s no place like home.” There truly isn’t, is there? One of my favorite metaphors for the church is “home”. Dorothy would be equally correct if she said, “There’s no place like church … there’s no place like church.” The home and the church – at their best – are places of welcome, acceptance, respite, and love. Just like the church, home is not a location as much as it is a group of people. This January, we want to focus on the home aspects of the church. As we go from room to room, we will find remarkable similarities between home and church. The aspects of home that encourage you and strengthen you the most are only magnified within the confines of our church home. As we welcome the community in this January, let’s help them find home. Let’s help them find the embrace they have been craving – the welcome they have been missing – and the truth they have been needing. Let’s help them find a Savior who can help them with their troubles. Let’s help them find a family that might not have it all together, but is walking the journey of faith together. The tornado took Dorothy away from her house. And when she was ready to return, it was not the house she wanted to go back to … it was her home. In the storms of this life, let’s help folks find their way home.

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