Living in mainstream U.S.A., we forget sometimes just how different the Christian life should be. In all of our American individuality, most folks do their best to go with the flow, fit in, and not rock the boat too much. Though we are indeed blessed to live in this pluralistic society, Jesus calls us to live a life quite different from the world around us.

As Jesus taught and preached, He preached a message of relationship with the Father – not a message of religion. This made Jesus’ message quite unique. It was, in actuality, quite radical. Perhaps the singular greatest teaching on this radical life that His followers are called to live is the Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew’s Gospel, chapters 5, 6, and 7. If the tenets of that sermon would be truly lived by people of Christian faith, our lives and the lives of those around us would be radically transformed.

Plan to be at Fairmount each Sunday morning over the next month as we dive into the Sermon on the Mount, discovering the radical life that Jesus wants all of us to live. Each of us will find that this radical life is the best life to live. Invite your friends. Many of them are looking to get out of a life of humdrum fitting in, and wanting to enter into a life of real meaning and purpose. Let’s be radical!

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