Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount ended with His call to make a radical decision – build our lives on the rock of His words or build them on the sinking sand of our own choosing. In our next sermon series – vs. – we want to further examine the fundamental choice of this generation – and every generation prior and afterward. Will we live by Biblical standards, or will we live by one of the many competing standards that bombard us daily? Will we adopt and maintain a Biblical worldview, or drift in the wind with one of the many other worldviews that surround us.

One of the goals we should each consider in our walk with Christ is to view all of life through a Scriptural lens. This is done through studying the Bible, prayer, and daily relying on God’s direction. One of the avenues for determining whether or not we are seeing life through God’s eyes is to compare our lives to the worldviews that surround us. Thankfully, we have wonderful Biblical texts that show us how these comparisons have been lived out by Godly men and women for centuries.

Starting on March 26, for five weeks, we’ll compare a Biblical worldview with such competing worldviews as materialism, hedonism, legalism, assimilation, and shame. God’s ways are better. Armed with the strength of the Bible we can make the best choices every day.

Invite your friends and family to worship with you. They too can learn of the best, most rewarding way to live.

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