Do you remember the first time you ever saw a high definition television? Some folks had HD TVs before their programming providers were providing HD signals! But that first time you saw your favorite movie or sporting event or crime drama in HD, your reaction was probably, “Wow!” The stars in “Star Wars”, the grass in Nats park, the wrinkles on Mark Harmon’s face … you could see it all. And there was no going back. Anything less than HD is disappointing.

Thankfully, as followers of Jesus Christ, we have a multifaceted view of Jesus given to us by four Gospel writers – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The first three Gospels are often referred to as the “synoptic” Gospels – “synoptic” indicating “similar”. And they are indeed similar in style and include many of the same accounts in the same sequence. The Gospel of John, though, amps up our view of Jesus into high definition. Written several years after the others, John’s account is truly unique and gives us that added detail that we are deeply blessed to have.

Each summer, Fairmount reads through a book of the Bible together. This year, we will work through the unique Gospel of John together. We will be reintroduced to accounts from Jesus’ life and teachings from His ministry that are simply found nowhere else. Our view of Jesus will become even sharper and better defined.

Be a part of our Sunday sermon series, “Jesus in HD”. When you are in town, be in worship – we have four to choose from! Invite a friend to join you and get to know Jesus even better. When not in town, feel free to catch a message on your computer. Or download the Fairmount app and listen there. There are many ways to stay connected over the summer! This new series begins July 2.

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