Though Americans are going to the movies less and less, the popularity of movies actually hasn’t waned. With the proliferation of non-theater movie-watching methods, more people are enjoying more movies more often. One the easiest ways to engage our non-Christian friends is to initiate or participate in conversations about the popular movies of the day. Cultural engagement is vital if we are going to reach increasingly skeptical neighbors and friends. Though folks may never enter into a conversation about spiritual or religious topics, they are more than eager to enter into a conversation about the blockbuster movies of the day.

With our newest sermon series, “At the Movies”, the Fairmount family will use five much-anticipated films that easily open the door for conversational engagement. Movies demonstrate the human condition like few other media. In doing so, they open the door for people of faith to share the truths of the One who loves humans regardless of their condition.

In this September series, we will explore the Biblical themes of these popular movies, discover ways to engage our friends, and be reminded that we can even use the works of Hollywood to share the love of Christ. Invite a friend to join you “At the Movies” and they will see Jesus as well.

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