On October 31, 1517, German monk Martin Luther tacked a document to the door of the church in the town where he was both priest and professor. The document he had written aired the grievances he had at the time with the Roman Catholic Church. That simple yet courageous act is viewed by many as the symbolic beginning of the Reformation, the historical movement that vaulted Western Civilization into the modern era. This year, Fairmount’s preaching staff will, from the pulpit, commemorate the 500th anniversary of this historically pivotal moment.

Now, before you start yawning, the Reformation’s importance goes way beyond that of historical reputation. It cannot be overstated … the very fundamental facets of our faith crystalized as a result of the Reformation: the Bible alone, Jesus alone, and grace alone. For three weeks we will look at each of these foundational teachings of the Church Jesus established in the New Testament. This series will not only serve as a refresher for us, it will also be the perfect series to invite a friend who may be interested in what our Christian faith is all about.

We may not have cake and balloons, but we will celebrate God working through history in monumental ways. We look forward to having you join us.

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
The Bible Alone Rick Raines 2017-10-15
Christ Alone Rick Raines 2017-10-22
Grace Alone Rick Raines 2017-10-29