In my elementary and early middle school years, I grew up in a Midwest farming community. When the month of November rolled around, two major things happened. First, extended family got together for Thanksgiving. We would eat great food and the kids (all of us boys) would head to the school grounds to play basketball.

The second thing that happened in November in this Midwest farming town was bringing in the remaining harvest. Even though my allergies would be a mess, I enjoyed driving the machinery. I probably began driving the tractors and trucks when I was 10 or 11 years old. So many of my childhood Novembers were filled with family and harvesting.

When thinking about a sermon series for the month of November, the preaching team came up with the idea of talking about family and how, as families, we might harvest some of God’s teachings to help us have and be a part of a stronger family.

When we considered lessons a family might harvest from the Bible, we thought the book of Ruth would be a great place to do our gleaning. So this November, we will spend time together learning about the ups and downs, and the strengths and weaknesses, of the family written about in the book of Ruth. And hopefully we will be healthier families for it.

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Devotion Chris Santasiere 2017-11-05
Shared Faith Rick Raines 2017-11-12
Practice Redemption Rick Raines 2017-11-19
Legacy Mike Langley 2017-11-26