On the night that Jesus was betrayed, He gathered His closest friends together in a special place for a special meal, for special teaching, and for a special time of prayer. In that prayer, Jesus lays out His heart on some of the most important emphases of His ministry. In that prayer, Jesus makes a special plea for the unity of His followers. John records Jesus’ words for us:

“I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one …”

Jesus knew that the human heart’s default position is not one of unity. Pride, preservation, greed, and a host of other self-centered motivations erode even the tightest of unities. The one organization we would always hope to be above such self-centeredness would be the Church. Yet, Jesus knew better.

Unity is not the rule of the day in our nation or in our world. We can become cynical and say that it will never happen, or we can take the prayer of Jesus proactively and work daily for the unity He desires. If it doesn’t happen within the Church, it could never happen. In fact, unity must start with the Church.

This January – and throughout 2018 – our preaching team is going to emphasize the unity that Jesus prayed for 2000 years ago. What unifies us? How is our unity best expressed? How can we keep the unity – the one-ness – of the church strong so that we can spread unity and one-ness to a deeply divided community, nation, and world? Ambitious? Perhaps. Godly? Most definitely.

Join us each week as we draw closer together in our unity and as we inspire each other to spread that unity near and far.

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