The Winter Olympics begin this week! What an exciting time of celebrating the magnificent athletic achievements of talented, dedicated men and women from around the globe. We all swell up with admiration when an athlete walks to the top of the medal stand, bends down, and has a gold medal placed around his or her neck. That athlete’s life is changed forever. People stand and applaud. Lucrative endorsement deals are often forged. Record books forever contain the name of the gold medal winner.

What a blessing to know that God values every person on the planet multitudes higher than we value our gold medal winners. “For God so loved the world …” These are not just mere words – they are a powerful reminder that God loves each and every person on this planet.

As we continue to focus on unity this year, our preaching theme for the next four weeks will be on the power of valuing people as God values them. Nothing portrays unity better to a divided culture than our unrelenting love exhibited to all of God’s favorite creation. Sadly, there are many folks in our culture that we either look past, forget, ignore, or downright don’t like. Our uncomfortableness or our prejudice towards folks does not portray the love that God has for everyone. Whether it’s the unborn, the elderly, the poor, or the person who looks different from you – God loves and values them all. We must as well.

Fairmount’s preaching team will tackle a handful of these struggles, offering Biblical teaching on overcoming our tendency to see others as less than gold. Be here each Sunday and bring a friend or two so that we can all be inspired and motivated by the gold-standard of love – God’s love.

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