One day, while Jesus was teaching His disciples, He shared with them the difficulty of entering the Kingdom of God. When the group questioned Him further, Jesus replied with one of Scripture’s most profound truths, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Interestingly, these were not just words that Jesus shared, this truth was proven time and time again by the actions of our Lord. Nothing was impossible for Him, and He proved it often through the many miracles He performed while here on earth.

As we build up to Resurrection Sunday – celebrating the greatest miracle of all - our next sermon series, Miracles, will explore a number of miracles that do what miracles were designed to do: show us that nothing is impossible with God. Whether it’s feeding the hungry, healing the sick, or calming storms, nothing is impossible with God. Each of His miracles, though affecting very physical realties in Jesus’ day, have implications for all of our lives beyond physical hunger pangs, sicknesses, and thunderstorms.

Plan to be here each Sunday in March as we explore the miracles of Jesus that point us to the source of all we need in this life. Most definitely plan to be here on Easter Sunday, April 1, as we celebrate the miracle that shapes and determines our next life.

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