Pixar has another hit on their hands with their recent release of “The Incredibles 2”. The first “Incredibles” movie netted over $600 million at the box office, and the latest edition is climbing the ladder. The two “Incredibles” movies tell the story of the Parr family – a normal, middle class family living in normal, middle class America. Only there really isn’t anything normal about this family. Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, and baby are all superheroes – “The Incredibles” – each with their own set of supernatural abilities. And, in true superhero fashion, the family uses their gifts to fight crimes.

What makes “The Incredibles” so different from the rest of the superhero genre is that all of their crimefighting is done in the midst of being a family. You can fight the evil Syndrome - but there are still bills to pay. Supervillain Screenslaver needs defeating – but homework is due tomorrow. The world is saved from the bad guys – but you still have to take care of the baby. This tension creates some hilarious moments and some zany drama with tried-and-true Pixar excellence.

“The Incredibles” makes us laugh because it hits so close to home. Our families may not be populated with superheroes who can run faster than lightning or lift a building or spontaneously combust – but we all bring unique gifts, personalities, and challenges to our families.

On September 30 we will begin a new sermon series, “Incredible Families”. We’ll dig into the Bible and be reminded of the contributions we each make to having families that are both healthy and pleasing to God. Whether you live alone or in the midst of a multigenerational household, we are all in families. Whether your family is calm or chaotic – functional or dysfunctional – we can benefit from knowing how God wants each of us to be in the midst of our families. We may never reach superhero status – or even incredible status – but we can sure do our best to honor God in our families.

Invite a friend to come with you over the course of this series. They may need the encouragement that comes from God’s Word and that comes from the incredible family of believers here at Fairmount.

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