Who is the most mentioned person in the Bible? Jesus, of course. Jesus’s name shows up over 1200 times in Scripture. But – perhaps more tricky – who comes in second? Mentioned, by name, almost 1000 times is David, the shepherd who would become king. David’s life is unique in the annals of the Bible. His rise to fame and power from the obscurity of the pastureland is the stuff of Hollywood movies. Only David’s story is fact, not fiction.

Perhaps what makes the accounts of David so compelling is that his life mirrors ours in so many ways. Not many of us have had the opportunity to fell a giant, but all of us have faced many giant problems throughout our lives. All of us understand the temptation of revenge – and the lure of irresponsible passions. All of us have had moments of incredible triumph and moments of humiliating failure. All of us have had painful family experiences.

In truth, David is a real hero for real people. This May and June we are going to dive into the life of David, considering the most notable events of his life and comparing them to our own lives. God said that David was a “man after His own heart”. With such a Godly, Biblical descriptor, this slingshot slinging hero has much to teach us all.

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