Summer is a good time for reading. Summer gives you the chance to grab a good book – head to the pool or the river or the beach or the back porch – and enjoy the escape that only a good book can bring. School kids are encouraged (or required) to read over the summer – and that’s a good thing. Bookstores have entire sales campaigns based around summer reading. Fairmount is no different.

As a congregation that loves the Bible, each year for the last nine, we have taken one book of the Bible and worked through that book together. Our Sunday morning sermons have been based on that book and each of us have been encouraged, while away on vacation, to keep up by reading along. The tradition continues this summer.

If you’re looking for some light reading, though, you’ve come to the wrong place! This summer, we’re going to tackle Paul’s letter to the Romans. This is one of the Apostle’s heavyweights – sometimes referred to as his magnus opus, his greatest work. Romans has perhaps more Christian doctrine than any other Biblical text. It is filled with page after page of the very pillars of our faith. We will consider the book in several manageable chunks – sometimes one chapter, sometimes a couple each week.

Each section will cover significantly more than we could ever cover on a Sunday morning, so it is imperative that you do your own reading and your own study. Share your discoveries on social media. Tell them to a friend. Shoot the preachers an email. Enjoy the text – learn from the text.

If you would like a good, systematic way to tackle the Book of Romans, consider the SOAP method of Bible study. Read the entire passage – than SOAP it:

  • Scripture – Write down one or two verses that were particularly meaningful to you.
  • Observation – What was interesting in the passage – What did you learn – What is God teaching you?
  • Application – How can you apply this passage to your life – In what ways does it change you?
  • Prayer – Use the passage to guide you as pray about this passage in your life.

This series begins on July 7 and will run through Labor Day. We look forward to growing and strengthening our faith together.

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