Join us each Sunday over the next four weeks for a new sermon series focusing on a Godly view of work. Beginning September 8th, we’ll study what the Bible has to teach us about maximizing the relationships we develop for Christ in the work place.

In Ecclesiastes 2, Solomon writes extensively about the major role work takes in our lives. He writes about the misery and unhappiness that many associate with their work. However, he sums up his thoughts with these words in verse 24:

“A man can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work.”

Together, we’ll learn to find satisfaction in our work using the following acrostic:

WORSHIP - Work is an act of worship.

OUTREACH - Work is an opportunity for outreach.

REFLECTION - Work is a reflection of Christ.

KINGDOM - Work is a means of supporting the Kingdom of God.

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Worship Rick Raines 2019-09-08
Outreach Rick Raines 2019-09-15
Reflection Rick Raines 2019-09-22
Kingdom Rick Raines 2019-09-29