Each of us live full, busy lives. Some would say too full and too busy. Actually, many might say too full and too busy. Though we enjoy this full life, it can get overwhelming at times. How do we manage all of the busyness of this life without being overwhelmed – without losing focus on the most important things – without forfeiting our Godly balance?

In our November sermon series, “Overbooked”, we are going to talk about being good stewards of the many things that we are blessed with … our time, our money, our relationships, and our health. In this month of giving thanks, we thank God for everything He gives us. We also want to manage our lives in ways that allow us to always honor Him and best bless others.

In Jesus’s parable of the talents, the servants were given varying assets to oversee. Those that were commended were the ones that had managed their assets well. The overseer proclaimed them as “good and faithful servants”. This is our aspiration as well - to be good and faithful servants with all that God has afforded us.

As we build up to the holiday season, this will be a timely series to ensure that each of us are “blessed, not stressed”. We want to enjoy the freedom that comes from having the priorities of all life in line with the priorities of the One who made us. Invite your friends to join us as we work together on the balance that God wants each of us to enjoy.

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Time Rick Raines 2019-11-03
Money Rick Raines 2019-11-10
Relationships Rick Raines 2019-11-17
Health Rick Raines 2019-11-24