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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Bible Centered Mike Langley 2014-01-05 Mission and Vision
Live Victoriously Rick Raines 2014-01-12 A Hero is Coming
Worship Rick Raines 2014-01-19 A Hero is Coming
Persevere Rick Raines 2014-01-26 A Hero is Coming
Be Patient Rick Raines 2014-02-02 A Hero is Coming
Be Pure Rick Raines 2014-02-09 A Hero is Coming
Die Well Rick Raines 2014-02-16 A Hero is Coming
Prepare For the Worst Chris Santasiere 2014-02-23 A Hero is Coming
Prepare for the Best Rick Raines 2014-03-02 A Hero is Coming
God Takes Sin Seriously Rick Raines 2014-03-09 Noah
Grace For the Faithful Rick Raines 2014-03-16 Noah
God Has a Plan Rick Raines 2014-03-23 Noah
God Keeps His Promises Rick Raines 2014-03-30 Noah
Committed to Growth Rick Raines 2014-04-06 Mission and Vision
Sunset of Hope Rick Raines 2014-04-13 Hope Rising
Sunrise of Hope Rick Raines 2014-04-20 Hope Rising
I'm Done Rick Raines 2014-04-27 Hope Rising
Shattered Dreams Rick Raines 2014-05-04 Hope Rising
Injustice Rick Raines 2014-05-11 Hope Rising
Loss of Control Rick Raines 2014-05-18 Hope Rising
Broken Families Rick Raines 2014-05-25 Hope Rising
You'll Get Through This Rick Raines 2014-06-01 Hope Rising
The Pursuit Rick Raines 2014-06-08 The Pursuit
Happy Father's Day Mike Langley 2014-06-15 Father's Day
Community Focused, Globally MInded Rick Raines 2014-06-22 Mission and Vision
Fearless: Introduction Rick Raines 2014-06-29 Fearless
Walk in the Light Chris Santasiere 2014-07-06 Fearless
Saying Yes to the Eternal Rick Raines 2014-07-13 Fearless
Antichrists Rick Raines 2014-07-20 Fearless
Children of God Rick Raines 2014-07-27 Fearless
Love One Another Rick Raines 2014-08-03 Fearless
Test the Spirits Mike Langley 2014-08-10 Fearless
Fear in Love Mike Langley 2014-08-17 Fearless
Fearless in Faith Rick Raines 2014-08-24 Fearless
Certainty Rick Raines 2014-08-31 Fearless
Dedicated to Excellence Rick Raines 2014-09-07 Mission and Vision
Apathy Into Devotion Rick Raines 2014-09-14 Extreme Makeover: Life Edition
Financial Bondage Into Freedom Rick Raines 2014-09-21 Extreme Makeover: Life Edition
Discouragement Into Contentment Rick Raines 2014-09-28 Extreme Makeover: Life Edition
Loss Into Life Rick Raines 2014-10-05 Extreme Makeover: Life Edition
Bitterness Into Joy Rick Raines 2014-10-12 Extreme Makeover: Life Edition
Dependency Into Hope Rick Raines 2014-10-19 Extreme Makeover: Life Edition
Where Are You? Rick Raines 2014-10-26 Hot Seat
Where Were You? Rick Raines 2014-11-02 Hot Seat
Will a Man Rob God? Rick Raines 2014-11-09 Hot Seat
Who Do People Say That I Am? Rick Raines 2014-11-16 Hot Seat
Do You Believe This? Rick Raines 2014-11-23 Hot Seat
Deity Rick Raines 2014-11-30 Christmas Masterpieces
Humanity Rick Raines 2014-12-07 Christmas Masterpieces
Truth Rick Raines 2014-12-14 Christmas Masterpieces
Majesty Rick Raines 2014-12-21 Christmas Masterpieces
Messiah Rick Raines 2014-12-28 Christmas Masterpieces
Unleashed Rick Raines 2015-01-04 Unleashed
Intellectual Training Rick Raines 2015-01-11 Crossfit
Physical Training Rick Raines 2015-01-18 Crossfit
Spiritual Training Rick Raines 2015-01-25 Crossfit
Social Training Rick Raines 2015-02-01 Crossfit
Inspired Rick Raines 2015-02-08 Unlocked
Inerrant Chris Santasiere 2015-02-15 Unlocked
Historical Rick Raines 2015-02-22 Unlocked
Relevant Rick Raines 2015-03-01 Unlocked
Prayer Rick Raines 2015-03-08 Designer Genes
Connection Mike Langley 2015-03-15 Designer Genes
Growth Rick Raines 2015-03-22 Designer Genes
Generosity Rick Raines 2015-03-29 Designer Genes
Sin & Death Rick Raines 2015-04-05 Set Free
Insecurity Rick Raines 2015-04-12 Set Free
Complacency Rick Raines 2015-04-19 Set Free
Pride Rick Raines 2015-04-26 Set Free
Worldly Expectations Rick Raines 2015-05-03 Set Free
Busyness Chris Santasiere 2015-05-10 Set Free
Oppression Rick Raines 2015-05-17 Set Free
A Memorial Rick Raines 2015-05-24 A Memorial
How the Away Team Wins Rick Raines 2015-05-31 Away Team
Commissioned Rick Raines 2015-06-07 Away Team
Anointed Chris Santasiere 2015-06-14 Away Team
Persecuted Rick Raines 2015-06-21 Away Team
Serving Rick Raines 2015-06-28 Away Team
Obedient Rick Raines 2015-07-05 Away Team
Accepting Rick Raines 2015-07-12 Away Team
Sending Rick Raines 2015-07-19 Away Team
Uncompromising Rick Raines 2015-07-26 Away Team
Perseverant Rick Raines 2015-08-02 Away Team
Devoted Rick Raines 2015-08-09 Away Team
Bold Rick Raines 2015-08-16 Away Team
Blessed Rick Raines 2015-08-23 Away Team
Ready Rick Raines 2015-08-30 Away Team
Solitude With God Chris Santasiere 2015-09-06 Solitude With God
Heart Transplant Rick Raines 2015-09-13 Heart Transplant
The Lost Rick Raines 2015-09-20 Heart Transplant
The Downtrodden Rick Raines 2015-09-27 Heart Transplant
Our Enemies Rick Raines 2015-10-04 Heart Transplant
For God's Will Rick Raines 2015-10-11 Pray
For Unity Rick Raines 2015-10-18 Pray
For Salvation Rick Raines 2015-10-25 Pray
ICOM 8:15 - Mike Schrage Mike Schrage 2015-11-01 ICOM Sunday
ICOM 9:30 - Mick O'Hanahan Mick O’Hanahan 2015-11-01 ICOM Sunday
ICOM 11:00 - Neil Wheeler Neil Wheeler 2015-11-01 ICOM Sunday
ICOM 11:00 - Lynn Laughlin Lynn Laughlin 2015-11-01 ICOM Sunday
Mt. Ararat Rick Raines 2015-11-08 Climb Every Mountain