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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Unleashed Rick Raines 2015-01-04 Unleashed
Intellectual Training Rick Raines 2015-01-11 Crossfit
Physical Training Rick Raines 2015-01-18 Crossfit
Spiritual Training Rick Raines 2015-01-25 Crossfit
Social Training Rick Raines 2015-02-01 Crossfit
Inspired Rick Raines 2015-02-08 Unlocked
Inerrant Chris Santasiere 2015-02-15 Unlocked
Historical Rick Raines 2015-02-22 Unlocked
Relevant Rick Raines 2015-03-01 Unlocked
Prayer Rick Raines 2015-03-08 Designer Genes
Connection Mike Langley 2015-03-15 Designer Genes
Growth Rick Raines 2015-03-22 Designer Genes
Generosity Rick Raines 2015-03-29 Designer Genes
Sin & Death Rick Raines 2015-04-05 Set Free
Insecurity Rick Raines 2015-04-12 Set Free
Complacency Rick Raines 2015-04-19 Set Free
Pride Rick Raines 2015-04-26 Set Free
Worldly Expectations Rick Raines 2015-05-03 Set Free
Busyness Chris Santasiere 2015-05-10 Set Free
Oppression Rick Raines 2015-05-17 Set Free
A Memorial Rick Raines 2015-05-24 A Memorial
How the Away Team Wins Rick Raines 2015-05-31 Away Team
Commissioned Rick Raines 2015-06-07 Away Team
Anointed Chris Santasiere 2015-06-14 Away Team
Persecuted Rick Raines 2015-06-21 Away Team
Serving Rick Raines 2015-06-28 Away Team
Obedient Rick Raines 2015-07-05 Away Team
Accepting Rick Raines 2015-07-12 Away Team
Sending Rick Raines 2015-07-19 Away Team
Uncompromising Rick Raines 2015-07-26 Away Team
Perseverant Rick Raines 2015-08-02 Away Team
Devoted Rick Raines 2015-08-09 Away Team
Bold Rick Raines 2015-08-16 Away Team
Blessed Rick Raines 2015-08-23 Away Team
Ready Rick Raines 2015-08-30 Away Team
Solitude With God Chris Santasiere 2015-09-06 Solitude With God
Heart Transplant Rick Raines 2015-09-13 Heart Transplant
The Lost Rick Raines 2015-09-20 Heart Transplant
The Downtrodden Rick Raines 2015-09-27 Heart Transplant
Our Enemies Rick Raines 2015-10-04 Heart Transplant
For God's Will Rick Raines 2015-10-11 Pray
For Unity Rick Raines 2015-10-18 Pray
For Salvation Rick Raines 2015-10-25 Pray
ICOM 8:15 - Mike Schrage Mike Schrage 2015-11-01 ICOM Sunday
ICOM 9:30 - Mick O'Hanahan Mick O’Hanahan 2015-11-01 ICOM Sunday
ICOM 11:00 - Neil Wheeler Neil Wheeler 2015-11-01 ICOM Sunday
ICOM 11:00 - Lynn Laughlin Lynn Laughlin 2015-11-01 ICOM Sunday
Mt. Ararat Rick Raines 2015-11-08 Climb Every Mountain
Mt. Moriah Rick Raines 2015-11-15 Climb Every Mountain
Mount of Olives Rick Raines 2015-11-22 Climb Every Mountain
Mt. Zion Rick Raines 2015-11-29 Climb Every Mountain
Celebration Rick Raines 2015-12-06 Birthday Party
Reminiscence Rick Raines 2015-12-13 Birthday Party
Gifts Rick Raines 2015-12-20 Birthday Party
Look Ahead Rick Raines 2015-12-27 Birthday Party
Under Construction Rick Raines 2016-01-03 Under Construction
Child of God Rick Raines 2016-01-10 Identity Theft
Servant Rick Raines 2016-01-17 Identity Theft
Disciple Rick Raines 2016-01-31 Identity Theft
Ambassador Chris Santasiere 2016-02-07 Identity Theft
I Love My Church Rick Raines 2016-02-14 I Love My Church
God Wants You To Be Happy Rick Raines 2016-02-21 God Never Said That
God Will Never Give You More Than You Can Handle Rick Raines 2016-02-28 God Never Said That
It Doesn't Matter What You Do Rick Raines 2016-03-06 God Never Said That
Christians Don't Need the Church Rick Raines 2016-03-13 God Never Said That
God Can't Forgive That Rick Raines 2016-03-20 God Never Said That
It Doesn't Matter What You Believe Rick Raines 2016-03-27 God Never Said That
Faith Rick Raines 2016-04-03 Dream Home
Love Rick Raines 2016-04-10 Dream Home
Respect Rick Raines 2016-04-17 Dream Home
Forgiveness Rick Raines 2016-04-24 Dream Home
Honesty Rick Raines 2016-05-01 Dream Home
Mother's Day Rick Raines 2016-05-08 Mother's Day
Life of Faithfulness Rick Raines 2016-05-15 God Pleaser
Biblical Integrity Mike Langley 2016-05-22 God Pleaser
Trust God Rick Raines 2016-05-29 God Pleaser
Live As God's Child Rick Raines 2016-06-05 God Pleaser
Exercise True Freedom Rick Raines 2016-06-12 God Pleaser
Life of Servanthood Rick Raines 2016-06-19 God Pleaser
Blast to the Past Rick Raines 2016-06-26 Blast to the Past
Respect Life Chris Santasiere 2016-07-03 One Nation...
Freedom Rick Raines 2016-07-10 One Nation...
Compassion Rick Raines 2016-07-17 One Nation...
Character Rick Raines 2016-07-24 One Nation...
LORD Rick Raines 2016-07-31 Hello My Name Is God
Shepherd Rick Raines 2016-08-07 Hello My Name Is God
Light Rick Raines 2016-08-14 Hello My Name Is God
Maker Rick Raines 2016-08-21 Hello My Name Is God
Rock Mike Langley 2016-08-28 Hello My Name Is God
King Rick Raines 2016-09-04 Hello My Name Is God
Does Life Have a Purpose? Rick Raines 2016-09-11 Explore God
Is There a God? Rick Raines 2016-09-18 Explore God
Why Does God Allow Pain & Suffering? Rick Raines 2016-09-25 Explore God
Is Christianity Too Narrow? Rick Raines 2016-10-02 Explore God
Is Jesus Really God? Rick Raines 2016-10-09 Explore God
Is the Bible Reliable? Rick Raines 2016-10-16 Explore God
Can I Know God Personally? Chris Santasiere 2016-10-23 Explore God
Worship Rick Raines 2016-10-30 When God Builds a Church
Leadership Rick Raines 2016-11-06 When God Builds a Church
Excellence Rick Raines 2016-11-13 When God Builds a Church