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Quick Facts

Volunteer Role:

Children’s Choir Director

Ministry Name:

 Children’s Ministry

Ministry Service Team:

Choir Team

Who is the Staff Member responsible for this Ministry?

Children’s Ministry Director

Whom will you serve?

 Children in the choir

How often will you serve? 

Weekly – Sept - May

How long are you

committing to serve?

 1 year (Sept – Sept)


Detailed Facts

How can your role be described?

 The Choir Director leads a choir of children, teaching them to praise God through music.  Each Choir Director is supported by a team of helpers.  Church membership is required.

To whom will you be accountable?

Children’s Choir Team Leader

What are the available times to serve?

Sundays 6-7p, plus planning, meeting, and performance times

How will you serve?

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Help recruit and mobilize helpers for your choir
  • Select music appropriate for your choir
  • Work with your team leader and the Children’s Director to stay within your budget
  • Teach children to praise God through music
  • Arrive early and well-prepared for rehearsals and performances

What are the requirements to serve in this role?

  • Membership of Fairmount Christian Church status: Member
  • Completed Children’s Ministry Volunteer Application
  • Passed background security check
  • Strong people skills for working with children, helpers, and parents
  • Ability to lead children in an upbeat, organized, nurturing way
  • Strong musical background

What will you need while you serve?

  • Contacts and Schedule listing for your team
  • Name tag weekly from Check-In kiosk
  • Access to Fairmount’s supply of children’s music

The Fairmount Wayof doing ministry can be summed up by the word SERVICE.

 Share Responsibility · Exceed Expectations · Respect Everyone ·Value Others First · Invest 3 Hours a Week · Communicate Effectively ·Embrace Excellence