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Quick Facts

Volunteer Role:

Preschool Teacher

Ministry Name:

 Children’s Ministry

Ministry Service Team:

9:30 Preschool

11:00 Preschool

Wednesday Night

Who is the Staff Member responsible for this Ministry?

Rose Williams

Whom will you serve?

 Preschool children in 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s classes

How often will you serve? 

Weekly or Biweekly

How long are you

committing to serve?

 1 year (Sept-Sept)


Detailed Facts

How can your role be described?

Preschool Teachers teach preschoolers about God and Jesus and help preschoolers express their love to God.  They learn how to captivate and teach children at a young age.  Church membership is required for this role.  Preschool teachers serve weekly or biweekly.

To whom will you be accountable?

Your Team Leader (See Contacts and Schedule)

What are the available times to serve?

 9:15-10:45   2’s, 3’s or Pre-K

10:45-12:15   2’s, 3’s or Pre-K

Wednesday Nights: 6:30-7:30 PM

How will you serve?

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Have lessons prepared in advance
  • Have a class routine that is age-appropriate for your group of students
  • Teach in an age-appropriate engaging way
  • Shepherd your students by taking time to talk and listen to them, by sending notes and cards to their homes
  • Pray for your class members by name
  • Be the best possible representative of Jesus both in and out of the classroom through speech, actions, and attitudes
  • Membership of Fairmount Christian Church status: Member
  • Completed Children’s Ministry Volunteer Application
  • Passed background security check
  • Completed Teacher Questionnaire and approval
  • Completed Connections 101 and 201 classes
  • Completed Special Needs training (as needed)
  • Contacts and Schedule
  • Curriculum (to be used and returned ready for the next year)
  • Teaching resources (e.g. flannels, pictures, nativity, etc.) given each quarter (to be used and returned ready for the next year)
  • Class Roll
  • Name tag weekly from Check-In kiosk
  • Preaddressed postcards to your students each quarter
  • Access to the Resource Room stocked with typical craft items
  • Access to locking cabinets in your classroom  (Sunday morning only)

What are the requirements to serve in this role?

What will you need while you serve?

The Fairmount Way of doing ministry can be summed up by the word SERVICE.

Share Responsibility · Exceed Expectations · Respect Everyone ·Value Others First · Invest 3 Hours a Week · Communicate Effectively ·Embrace Excellence