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Quick Facts

Volunteer Role:

commUNITY Helper

Ministry Name:

 Youth Ministry

Ministry Service Team:

 Leadership Team

Who is the Staff Member responsible for this Ministry?

Mike Campbell

Whom will you serve?

 Youth and families of the church and community

How often will you serve? 


How long are you

committing to serve?

 1 year (Sept – Sept)


Detailed Facts

How can your role be described?

Assist commUNITY leader in shepherding students and encouraging discussion. Work closely with the commUNITY leader and youth minister.

To whom will you be accountable?

Youth Minister

What are the available times to serve?


How will you serve?

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Attendance
  • Facilitating food
  • Offering
  • Birthday cards
  • Recognizing students outside of class
  • Trying to keep up with student sport schedules/events
  • Keeping up with student’s family situations

What are the requirements to serve in this role?

  • Membership of Fairmount Christian Church status: Active Attender

What will you need while you serve?

  • Contacts and Schedule listing of your team
  • Role Packages for volunteers in your area

The Fairmount Wayof doing ministry can be summed up by the word SERVICE.

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